“Cold Moon…”

The numbing winter, is something sinister.

The lack of sunlight, to the slowness of pace…

Heavy souls, and apparent sadness in one’s face.

Stress is more potent, and depression is more prevalent.

Poetry is more elegant, and energy is less vibrant.

Something is in the air, and it reminds me of death.

No, it reminds me of grey.

It reminds me of times that I’d like to flip through the page.

Skip through the pages –

This chapter is long, with its unnecessarily detailed gauge…

Faint memories resurface – and I feel my cold breath.

The breadth of winter to summer –

Besets my brain, and upsets my mood.

I need the sunlight, I need it’s energy!

The warmth of its rays, gives strength to my days.

This season is a phase.

This season’s like a maze.

This season’s like a maze.

Summer soon, but until then I make comfort with this cold moon.