“Journey of Love…”

Your soul is beautiful, and is intelligent indeed.

Reading your essay was neat.

Thank you for the soft linen and sheets.

I now sleep, at ease, with remnants of you with me.

Your eyes are always beautiful;

you stand nicely how tulips do.

Your smile is perfect, and your love is earnest.

You told me that you love me, and it hits like a blow.

Now it is only right, that our hearts should grow.

I will make no mistakes, I am willing, in this journey – to be the best that man I can be.

That is all I will say…

I am convinced that the universe brought you into my life.

And now my days do not seem as grey.

I may struggle, but never as intensely as I did in my past.

I have no doubt that this love will last, because you have come into my life, and I am evidently glad.

I am evidently sad,

But also in fact relieved.

Thank you for accepting my heart, and wanting to believe.

My heart is patched, and is still working.

I’m no longer hurting, in this cold world…

Our future is brighter than the lights.

And the present feels perfect,it feels right.

I love you, day and night.