“Aesthetic Love…”

Your love is like a fire that burns brighter with each hour.

Winds try to blow against us, but nothing can penetrate us.

Our foundation is love, and although our fire is dangerous –

We can take the heat, and do anything possible.

You are one in a million, and you inspire me like a breath into a still body.

You spark my soul.

Your love – I will take advantage of this opportunity, and never you.

I’ll always ride for you, love you, and honor you.

You are like a Queen, and this is like a dream.

This is like an ultimate team, you and I.

This is like a pair –

that will win strategically and relentlessly,

that it’s not exactly fair.

Our love is spiritual, earthly, intelligent, and very much wise.

Fools will despise, but we won’t pay them mind.

I value our time, and I love your mind, just as much as you are in love with mine.

It’s essential, that I write these often.

It helps with my heart to soften.

I pursue a dream, and am cold in that.

My heart turns black and my eyes turn rage.

Ambitious and passionate, cold and full of soul.

You are the only woman, the only person that holds the key to it all.

I entrust you with that, as I plunge towards success and something bigger than myself.

I love you; our love is ours alone.

Our love is powerful and enriching.

This love is sacred beyond words.

I needed someone, and here you are.

I can only drop to my knees and thank God, the universe, the stars, for this love.

My lover, you have my heart.🌹