Open Diary. 14

There is much beauty and magnificence that I am experiencing –

Divinity and beauty everywhere I turn.

I am so happy, that I just am not used to this at all.

I feel like sadness is missed, I look back on the melancholy and feel as if I wanted to soak in it more.

Yet, I am grateful that it is over with.

I am back soaring high, not riding on a high horse, but flying with Eagle wings and a Lion’s mane as my mask.

But deep inside, is my soul of empathy and server of the universe.

Thank you Universe.

I am overwhelmed, and I am not looking back.

Just grateful and happy, that I came from that – to be here, in this day, a new day, and in this adventure of prosperity and blessings.

Not sure what some of those lessons were, maybe it was just essential to feel more pain.

To sharpen my soul, and to clean the lasting stains.

Because this feeling is unmatched and utterly unreal.

I am so reborn and I am moving forward.

Life is abundantly good.

Thank You God.