Open Diary. 13

Frustrated but I know that this is all worth it, and it all has a purpose.

No longer hurting, no.

Just focused on growth.

I reached such a limit last year, and my threshold is literally through the roof, the ceiling is much higher.

As high, as a mountainous building in manhattan.

As high as the stars in the universe.

As high as your soul takes me, and as high as I want to be…

There are so many philosophical secrets, that I need to uncover, again – and there is much power that is untapped.

I marvel, in the ideas and beliefs.

I thank God, and the nature of this all because it is only a privilege. It is a pretty privilege indeed. Life is sacred.

I see spirituality as a way of honoring life and its sacredness, it’s holiness and majestic essence.

I use writing as a form, and practice – along with many other things, to worship.

I essentially centered my life around honoring the divinity within and outside of me; I am creating my own reality inside of the ultimate reality of oneness.

I am assisted, by the universe and it feels utterly amazing.

It truly is magical…