I want to kiss you until I am dizzy.

Pretty eyes, as blue as skies.

I’d like to be with you, forever.

There is nothing better.

Is my love ever too strong?

I’ll try my best to taper it – but only at your request.

Otherwise, I want to love you until the day I rest.

My love is nothing more and nothing less, but simply true love.

It isn’t a drug;

It is a potent thing.

It’s a true thing.

It is not a feeling, it is a majestic thing.

It is the cure, to lifelong pain…

And I’d like to love your soul, and protect you with all of my will and strength.

I want to hold you forever, and kiss you so clever…

When you are not exactly expecting it, or when you are absent minded.

When you are distant and need my heart’s finding –

I want to leave my kisses engrained in your memory.

I want to love you so majestically.

I want to dedicate roses and kisses to you only.

Where have you been!

There is no point in even discussing;

I am simply happy that you are in my life.

You seem so nice, so beautiful.

I will write more on this queen of my life…

You complete me, and I am happily growing in us.

You are my true blessing, and pain that I felt, the bruisings and testings, was all worth it.

If I knew I’d be here today, years ago?

I’d endure those lessons,

multiple more times, because then I’d only know…

That’s how gratifying it is that I have found you and am proud where I am currently…

I love you, and I love life.

These emotions are flowing and rising over.

Crazy to think about, the power of loving and being loved.

I am so happy.

I love you and it feels unreal.

And to think, that there is no limit…

Our love will reach a farther universe.