“Bit of Grey…”

I open my heart so foolishly.

I say things so loosely.

But they are put together and worded rightly, just perceived and taken lightly.

I give my love, and hope for it to be reciprocated.

It is, nonetheless, I’m not negating.

But it is so artificial and I am none of that.

This marks a chapter where I continue alone, but willingly.

I loved too much, and to too many.

I admit that, but there is no wrong in that.

It just shows a pattern of the divine feminine – in this generation.

Lost and insecure.

Heartfelt, but impure…

Some girls say that they want a kind of guy, and I come and they fall in love.

To only second guess, and to see that they need work on themselves.

I could have helped…

I write this with resentment.

Coping to reach contentment.

I love you Kylie.