The universe is in flux.

I am with it , and in it like water flowing in a river.

I feel saddened but nothing else.

I carry on with my self.

I’ve been here before, and am still in love with you.

It’s just, some things, you won’t understand, until you leapt off of the mountain while holding my hand.

You held back, and are second guessing.

It frustrates me, and acts as a transgression against heart and purity.

Intentions are questioned, and I back off due to lessons.

Sad to see us crumble, saddens me to leave.

But the universe is in flux, and we must keep up.

But that is in your discretion, your sole mind and motivation, it’s ultimately up to you – to have and grasp a higher quality.

Life in its sacredness, beauty and spirituality – are for those that follow their heart.

Slowly but surely we depart, and I still will love you.

Just not the same, as I reach a higher plane.