Flying high

I am happy to be alive and pursuing my dreams.

I feel as if I am receiving a second chance.

I think that God has his direct hand over me.

He has blessed me abundantly and in a many ways, he has shown me he is in my life.

Everyday, I think, how can I glorify you my lord? How can I direct people to you?

He gives the answers and I take heed.

God is literally beautiful and amazing.

He cares, and knows my troubles…

He turns my ugliness into beauty.

He promises me things, and some of them come true, while others are delayed – I still trust him.

On this journey I have been far from perfect.

I’ve succumbed to darkness.

I felt shame and pity…

I was sad and lost.

Lost in the literal sense…

Lost in darkness, lost in lust, lost in failure, lost in the world.

Lost in too many ways to count, but I was picked up with a mighty hand.

He showed me a grander, more spectacular way.

He showed me light, and led the way.

I am still learning, and although I am a bit rusty and worn out –

Tired and fatigued, I am adapted and stronger.

I am more focused and equipped…

I have daggers, shields, swords and knives of love.

I have a heart stronger, too strong to ever give out.

I just want to keep walking high, and pursuing this dream because everyday is a dream. And I would not be here without Christ…

Thank You, Jesus, Without you, I am nothing.