Serene crazy blue

Existence seems infinite in its present.

Time, that illusion, is melted, as if magically away.

And life seems as if it is simply this, but my faith persists, I only wish to express this, poetic and unimaginable experience.

Perhaps, it’s the feeling of aliveness.

As I feel it alone.

If I could aesthetically assign this moment a color, it would be, ‘serene blue.’

If I could describe it as an emotion – it would be ‘positive gloom.’

And if I could coin it a name, a phrase of one of a kind – it would be ‘existential love.’

I hope that I experience loving someone again, because it would be the Big Bang.

And if I do love a woman once more, she will have my entire mind, body and soul.

She will be the first to experience, to share this existential love with me.

That lucky woman –

I wish to meet you some day.

Some day…

You will experience love untold, and unmatched.

I say that confidently, and wholeheartedly.

You will see, my dear lover…