Dear Kafka

Dear Kafka,

I write this in remembrance of you.

I did not read your work, but I know of your life and your difficult trials.

I am sorry for your afflictions and hard dealings of pain…

But I’d like to write this piece to you to sympathize and extend my empathy, that you did not have it so bad.

I had it far worse.

I say that with sympathy, and understanding of your childhood afflictions.

My brutality was much harsher.

Your pain is dearly felt, but your pain does not compare – to the hellish nature of my upbringing.

As an honor and sense of needed kinship, I ask that you bless and watch over my writings, as if an angel and guardian – who identifies with my soul.

Nevertheless, I’ve made it out of all of the mud and scary depression.

I only hope that I never regress or make life changing mistakes, it is unlikely anyhow. I have every tool I need and I am assisted by God.

I perhaps, wish, that you believed in a divine power, or at the very least an imaginary friend – it would have eased your troubles.

Blessed in my position, I was guided by God and have arose, as if a lotus from darkness that is inherently beautiful.

There are silver linens everywhere I turn now…

Respectfully Yours,