My love is overwhelmed, and my thoughts are overthought.

Sometimes I am out of harmony, and it is because I am in a drought.

So I write these thoughts here, I have to get them out.

No more long or short poetries, only written until I cannot anymore.

Until my brain is sore, and my fingers are tender from typing.

My heart has been crushed, bruised and damaged.

But I know how to manage:

By expression and loving only,

I learn to not feel so lonely.

In reality I am not, humans and beings everywhere, and nature is assuring while assisting.

The universe is at times, powerful… Too powerful.

I grasp it and understand it, while feeling it and experiencing it all.

At times I ask God for a love, to straighten me to stand tall.

To express the things I know, to confide and purely connect.

But as I dissect my mind, and allow time to run its course.

I learn that in some multiple ways, that these are only days.

Loneliness does not make up my life.

Some day I will get the things, I’d like – like a family, children, a house, a wife.

As I date, and make peace with the beautiful world.

Intelligent girls, and warm brothers.

I reflect and become softer.

Each day I recognize my hardness, and lighten my soul, as my baggage becomes a blessing, as a lift.

I carry it, and am glad, as I recognize it as a gift.

And as I take moments of joy, to self care and love myself.

My soul is magnified and enlarged, as my ego whispers away.

I write and I write, to uplift myself and make peace in my life.

I have issues, and peace starts with me, alone.

I do not have a home, my true home is within.

I simply have to flow with it and listen.

I learned that the true enemy but more so competition is, I.

And that sometimes I lie, fall, sin, win, and prosper.

And that it is ultimately up to me.

To truly see, what is meant to be seen.

The opportunity is all at hand.

Just apply myself, and sort of trust the journey.

Not to hurry, but to live in love.

Abundance is my birthright.

Healing my energy and mind.

My initial passion is dying now, this love poetry, is simply a coping mechanism and expression.

I will become better with each lesson.

Good bye now.

Thank you for reading…