Here are some roses, I left them at your bedside.

Take them and sense it’s authentic and aesthetic quality.

Hand picked by me…

Three roses, representing the three reasons why I love you so; I just wanted you to know how much I love you baby girl.

1. Your eyes.

When I look at you, and stare into them – I feel everything clearer, potently, and connections of all kinds from the depths of your soul. When you look back, I feel waves of shock.

I see the beautiful and amazing blessing of being in your presence, and of course the privilege, special privilege, to then kiss you after a gaze of enjoyment into those blue and beautiful eyes. The moment you blink, reality shifts, and a new reality takes place, and love begins and ultimately ends all over again. In a perpetual cycle, I would not mind living for in an eternity. I fall in love with your eyes, more and more. Nothing better.

2. Your Soul.

Your soul is like the gushing of waves, flowing over sand, and it’s residue – fresh and leaving me at bay, waiting ever so patiently, to have your love again.

Your soul is not so clearly explained, it is more like a majestic and ambiguous phenomenon. I do not know quite anything like it.

I’d describe your soul as, mermaid-like.

You laugh, but you see…

That’s the quality of your soul, and I’d like to hold it with my hands, feeling it’s space and floating quality – as I kiss you with all of my might.

Your soul, is of gold quality, provides me with rich happiness. And oh, I would be selfish to keep this only for myself, but if loving you only to myself is a sin… Cliche, nevertheless, I am a sorrowful and blessed sinner. You are mine, and I am proudly yours.

Your soul mustn’t be exposed, I will write no more of it, it’s only for I to know and for you to treasure…

3. Your mind.

Your tastes. Your personality. Your likes, dislikes. Your imperfections, and personality… and as I lazily write the ending to this piece, I need your love again to revive my vitality and passion. Your love is missed, and I need more parts to write the rest. 🌹