Vintage Love

I have an obsession with the thing that is not exactly present in my life.

Instead, I am hopeful for it.

So I write about it, and will write more until it is manifested.

The kind of love I wish for is not the modern day kind.

It is one where it is simplistic and vintage.

I’ll love the woman who is one of a kind, while she will fall in love with my mind.

I want to be her leader and protector.

I’d like to open her imagination, and we can further dream together, forever.

As I paint this ideal love, and vintage love.

I’d like to stroke the model of her being incomplete, because it would be neat to match those insecurities with mine.

She does not have to be perfect, just simply open to the idea of an old fashioned and yet, futuristic kind of love.

No lies.




Values overall, and of love as the foundation!

We could help each other and love each other despite our blank lines that needs fillings and work.

Together, we are golden.

We are constantly molded, by the universe’s timing, and the reality we create for each other.

We go for walks, drink coffee, sleep in for a weekend.

Adventure off into unknown places, and kiss each other as our heart races.

Our souls go up and down, find balance and ultimately, meshing more and more becoming cohesive…

We are spontaneous!

We are helpful, and full of insight.

We are delightful and people outside, see us as a spectacle.

She is like a Queen, and as her king, I am persistent in my servitude.

I do not believe that I am meant to be alone in this life.

God is very much wise and kind, to bless me with a soulmate.

He would not leave me out here like this!

And still, I am patient…

Waiting for this vintage love.

As I prepare poetry, and stamina for us.

I hope that we can go to the moon, and never back.

Our only destination is among the heavens, as we leap from the moon, to the stars, and planets afar…