In a world devoid of empathy, and understanding for each other.

I feel as if I am lost in a world of darkness.

I don’t want to be here. Truthfully.

But I want to live.

My heart feels alone in a cold space.

It is still beating perfectly fine.

It works and feels, that is no problem.

The problem is the lack of empathy in others, and it is like nicotine to lungs.

It is like hot coals, steaming upon skin.

It is like running water, draining down the loops and turns of the pipes, scolding hot, burning and simmering through the metals and grime.

It’s a slow pain.

Not necessarily a slow death, but a slow pain, I say.

Because feelings and empathy matters.


I feel like I am trapped in my mind.

I feel like I am trapped in dark energy.

Lord, save me.

Heal me from this emotional anguish of being ignored.

I am strong.


But God, being ignored is worse than words thrown at you from an enemy.

It is like staring at a brick wall, cognitively expecting, hoping, knowing and understanding that you will get a response, but nevertheless not receiving one. And I suppose, that this is yet, another seed for growth and becoming more empathic for others. 🌹

Inspired by Kylie