You silly heart, always falling in love and feeling too much.

It’s exactly what you deserve.

Bask in your pain, and feel the nature’s heavy rain.

Feel with all of your weight and emotions.

Feel it, remember it daily, and continue assisting me in my passion for knowledge.

You stupid thing.

You idiotic, nonsensical and foolish thing.

Do you think because that I am idealistic, that I will just allow you to take over this poor boy.

Further him down in depression why don’t you.

Ruin him more, and scour his energy.

So he can see that this world is unforgiving and to then come back to the logical side of things, where he truly reigns and is supreme in his way.

Good job you nonsensical thing, I am pleased at your efforts to make him happier, his search for love, but must I remind you that he has a higher purpose.

Allow him to reach it without being so dumb by our triggers of need for affection, love and attention.