Loneliness defined from my own experience:

A feeling so dark, it is like feeling trapped in a box.

This box, is then dropped – in the deepest abyss –

On the far corner of the ocean, while everyone is living life on land, experiencing parties, relaxing for the next day, or accompanied by loved one(s);

I am fighting while drowning.

It is no longer a scrapple with a mental disorder or illness. It is a literal philosophical and cognitive journey of pure solipsism, and scariness.

Pure loneliness.

A touch of holiness…

Sea animals of all kinds, see through this clear box, and entertain me for a while, before swimming along, and going back to their aquatic life.

I am balled up, and stuffed in this box.

I fight and stretch my arms, hoping to break lose.

Using optimism, hope, and my heart…

But this is a deep and serious dilemma.

I am starting to enjoy this loneliness.

This unhealthy dosage of being only understood by just myself.

What use is it anyway, hypothetically, if I do break loose, who will love and care about me on land?

In the way that I demand.

I do not want to be a burden.

This loneliness is my difficulty alone.

Complex in nature.

I make peace with the abyss, until I have outgrown my own tricks.