Meditations 2

I believe that when you are a spiritual being, becoming egotistical can cause immense conflict.

We are all human beings.

Each and everyone of us, has an inner disposition to believe in something higher than ourselves.

Thus, we are all spiritual human beings…

My purposes for writing are these: to express my emotions, and inner demons,

And to share/cope with my insight about myself, and the world.

I would like to inspire passion and understanding for the emotionally afflicted, and for those lost or depressed.

I would like to write poetry, philosophy, health, and ever expanding topics that I first hand experience and know – to enhance understanding, for those people who see my writing worth reading.

I feel an inclination to do so.

I sympathize with those with “mental health issues”, because I myself was labeled, stigmatized, and diagnosed with the cultural illness by the doctors and therapists that are themselves sick.

I wish to write on and express all that I know.

I want to mature in my writing.

I wish to mature in the world.

Socially, spiritually, emotionally, professionally, and universally.

Every written piece, will be from the depths of my soul.

Every written piece is a piece of me.

Every idea, opinion, and experience will be expressed in the manner that, it is in fact, close and important to me.

Nothing here is shallow.

I hope that my story and voice is heard, by at least one.

As long as my writings make the smallest difference, that in turn is the most value.

Quality is better than quantity, sure. But ultimately, I simply would like to assist, and allow my single craft, to be as a light for a more harmonious existence, inspiring others to value their gifts too… Rippling through my neighborhood, further into society and the nation, and then finally, into the world.

Through mediations, I ground myself, maintaining this as a noble pursuit, with empathy.

“A tomb now suffices him whom the whole world was not sufficient.” – Unknown

“To save a life, is to save the world entire.” – L.N