I value my heart more than my logic.

Logic and intellect is easily controlled and swayed.

But, the heart has a special kind of way!

It leads a better life, than the intellect would.

But combined is an indomitable force.

Life and work does not seem so forced…

And the balance is ever so beautiful.

And the balance is ever so dutiful;

I must keep and maintain it.

Never allowing this campus to drain it.

This spirit is full of fire, at times tiresome, because I give in to my own judgement, and others’ conformity – thus, allowing others to tame it.

I cannot allow them to taint it.

That is like willingly giving the blind, a brush and blank ink – allowing them to paint it.

These days imagination is largely dimmed, and I want to float, and paint the sky a pretty hazel.

In short I want to stay true:

Wearing my heart openly, bravely, and passionately.

Like a black stallion, gallantly, leaping to write honestly…

I am spirit-full first, giving the ego immense thirst.

And as I am especially prideful in my beliefs.

I watch the desperate wolves, gash at their teeth.

And as I wish love and true prosperity –

I climb higher, and find riches worth writing.

Becoming sharper, empathic and better,

The heart makes logic, lovingly clever.

They are not meant to be split, logic and soul.

They are instead meant to be mended, bridged and shared.

Poetry has only, but so much that I can accurately and effectively use as a tool of expression.

I like to write in this way of, using poetic sentences.

Erudite in my approach.


I digress…

I write to say that expression is valuable, it helps with enhancing empathy.

Love, is truly limitless, there is always space for the heart to grow.

I learned that it is truly possible to grow love and compassion for all things:

Not just people, but the ground I walk on.

I respect it,

It is Mother Earth.

The bird that is chirping, giving calmness in the path to my destination…

The breeze that refreshes my physical shell, and the water that cleanses it as well.

I say, that I love all of these things!

It will not be necessary to list all of the things.

But you see my point.

I have empathy and it grows, as it is becoming, and enhances my aesthetic aptitude.

The clarity, the purity, and the respect I have for this world will expound into the universe.

It is something I am not boastful of.

It is something I want to continue in – to not allow people to taint my vision, and heart for the simple things in life.

The simple things, are the truly sophisticated things.

The small things, and free things – are truly the richest and most beautiful gifts.

This paper that I write on with this sharply refined pen, I am, with all honesty in awe.

I am empathic to myself &

I am unapologetically expressive, even if it is heavily opinionated.

Because in time, I become heavenly integrated.

While I learn the difficult art, to love wholeheartedly all of the experiences I have endured, progressively gentler.

I am sharply reminded that it all starts, with the heart, at the center…