At dawn, I yawn, then you come to my mind…

First thought is of you, brings me to the emotion of contentment.

I rise from bed, and to God I pledge.

I thank him for blessings, and lastly, for you.

My day seems lighter already –

And opposite from the past, which felt awfully deadly!

This cannot be true…

But it is, so I thank him doubly, times two.

I make my way to the kitchen, chirping with love.

My heart is wide awake, but my brain is baked.

Needs some tender cooking, so I make bitter coffee.

I take 10 sips, and now I am lofty.

I dream a bit more, and so I write with precision.

I turn the hot water on, while sweet music I listen…

My soul is stirred, and I pronounce first words – pertaining to the world.

“I will have a positive productive day,

“I will not stress, but instead I will play.”

And this is how I start my day.

And if I am stressed I pray.

And the answers come to me, like bullets at marks.

As I restart, maintaining my heart.

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