Shadows follow me.

I walked a long distance and my feet are calloused. My metatarsals are deformed and shaped differently. My perception sees beyond the norm. And my heart feels the unknown storm, that is ahead. I’ve walked in rain, sunlight, snowy days, and the gloomiest days you’ve yet to know.

Shadows follow me.

I say things that I mean. I also mean things not meant to be felt – in my perception… I only remember what I choose to remember. Also, I remember what chooses to be remembered by me.

Trauma, thus, shadows follow me.

I want to do this right.

Please, while we may face plights.

We can do this right.

I have the right intentions, the right ideas, and the righteous attitude.

I cannot go wrong, I can only go up from here.

But really hear me.

This mind and heart, is unlike you’ve ever known. And this heart loves just as much as you do.

And I write this instead of texting you, because my soul tells me to.

My ego needs to be disjointed, disfigured, and shattered often.

I rather flow, than to be up in those clouds.

I do not want to be a lost boy anymore.

I don’t.

I want to be found by you.

I do.

But shadows follow me…

I need light often.

I need your light daily, breathing me life…

Life to be a good self to myself.

And to you.

All my life, I have been walking in a daze. A craze. A lost, lost boy.

I am just glad I got it right.

I am glad I am on this path with you.

Thank you.