Dear Emily

Sunsets seem cliche, even ordinary.

But I want to kiss you at the start of the sunset. I want to.

I want you to stay with me for a weekend.

No, a day will suffice.

Even an hour or minutes fleeting…

Because I need your love to spark my imagination.

I don’t want to die, in this logical side of things.

I need your love soon.

I look forward to the start soon.

I am willing to show you things you never thought existed:

Like love that twists, expands and transforms your very soul, our very souls, and this very world we perceive.

Please. I need your warmth soon.

I need to express my warmth, and protection.

I want to kiss you as the sunsets.

I want to hold your hand, and kiss your very skin, allowing my mind to go away into our love escape.

This is no honeymoon.

This is simply a date, but I think of the future so much, and you are there.

You are the spark that is needed.

And this isn’t easy…

I am optimistic, and my optimism sparked this piece.

But your love completes.

I need your support often.

Divine femininity.

Your divine male…

I will yield as you yield.

And we grow, as these written pieces unfold.

My dear Emily.