As I write this, I am sitting in a coffee shop near close to my apartment.

I am wearing grey jogger pants snugged against my worn legs.

I have my two year old laptop that my grandfather bought for me, my phone and index cards in front of me.

My thoughts seem back to form; I enjoy wearing clothing that feels good.

It is like an outer expression of my soul.

I am drinking my favorite cup of coffee.

The coffee me and my mother shared at my first Starbucks experience.

I love my mother dearly.

I remember taking a selfie with her and enjoying our lattes together.

This was moments before I departed her nest, to take adventure off into my journey.

In some written works relevant, and in stories across cultures, it is generally deemed,

The Hero’s Journey.

A potent journey, so very real…


A hazelnut latte, with two extra shots of espresso…

I drink slowly.

A heart symbol beside the letters that read Eli.

She has a delightful eye-color, serene blue, the server.

I am thinking of what exactly, I would like to write, but I felt that flowing would simply be best – I can breathe better this way.

No more confinement.

No more constriction…

I am now following Jesus’s wisdom, and the bible’s teachings as if it is my lifeline.

“Elijah, read the bible and memorize it. Become one with the word of God. It is powerful. The best book you will read. Recite it. It will guide you and bless you on Earth.”

“Okay, I will.”


“You will be abundantly fruitful and have so much peace in your heart.

My biggest regret was not being able to recite scripture and teaching to my kids.”

Have no regrets mother. ❤️