I can’t pretend that just a few months ago I wanted to leave this Earth.

I refuse to repress this.

I want to write about it because I am so familiar with it.

I soaked in darkness and wished to drown into the morning until found.

I wanted to.

I was trapped in my mind.

I gave up hope on myself.

I had none.

I felt shut out and forgotten.

I could not speak.

My soul searched and was stripped bare to just a feeling of needing love.

None to be found.

I could not find.

I was holding onto my mind with dear might.

It was so dark.

It was so black.

The energy was darkness.

I needed a specific and special love.

I revisit this, to stay grounded.

All of that darkness…

I was foolish.

Searching and lost.

Searching in all of the wrong places…

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