There is a reason why we met, and I am ecstatic because I think that I know why.

We only have to take it a day at a time;

Our love has no choice but to grow.

No matter how slow – it’s exponential.

My love is exceptional, like rarities and oddities.

I have you and it’s something like a lottery.

I will love you everyday, forget your past ex’s, they did not cherish you.

They did not care to, and I’m in the same boat, of this heartless and egotistical generation.

Girls judged me as naive, because I followed my heart, and was still happy at ease.

I did not value material things, God blesses me abundantly with that.

I only wanted a love, to assist me in this life of sin.

I told God that I would worship the ground that she walks on.

And he granted me you.

Therefore, never tire of my attention and love.

This is daily routine.

I am simply creating new ways, in each day, to love you with the entire heart beating inside.

I do not want to hide an emotion.

I place them before you, and it is fruitful.

Anger, expressed in passion.

Lust, expressed in rations.

Love expressed in totality;

Respect, with no question, as if you are half of me.

Honesty, like I am looking in the mirror.

I can’t lie to myself, why lie to you?

That’s counterproductive, the truth, I will never hide from you.

Perhaps, my love is extreme.

But this love is like a dream…

I am constantly never content.

I want to get better, and more sharper, in giving you the best that you deserve.

You prayed and I prayed, in this age of technology, so our souls were meant to converge.

Let’s dream on and become more whole.

Allow me to love you with my whole soul.

I want to treasure yours, worth gold.

I see no flaws.

You’re my beautiful Queen.

You’re my star.

We share a star.