The aroma and taste is incredibly important to me.

It awakens my senses, and love is stirred within.

I enjoy two flavors mainly, hazelnut or toffee.

Otherwise, I normally drink a French Roast Expresso.

I am not exactly a coffee connoisseur. I like the name, it’s cool.

However, it is not exactly fitting or deserving for me to be called such sophisticated labels.

I dislike labels.

I just enjoy the simplicity, and punch of just these three.

I am so plainly used to drinking them alone.

Perhaps, if I had a partner to join me – my range will widen…


I want to visit the places where it is originally made!

I cannot recall, is it, Colombia?

Ah, you see for yourself. I am not so keen of the coffee scene.

But I enjoy my cups daily.

My thoughts come together, and my emotions feel brightened.

My smile becomes widened;

My soul becomes heightened.

I sit and see the people coming in and out.

I sip 3 tastes ensuingly, and I feel connected.

I am drawing inspiration from fellow lives.

I feel grounded.

My soul feels gritty…

It’s been through darkness and despair, but now that I can afford a cup for some months, I am happily at peace, floating off of the high this coffee brings me to.

I write, and write, even if it is not of pure aesthetic quality, yet.

Because I respect my process and journey.

And I know what it is like, to be as pure and rich as the largest gold kilogram, or diamond worth no cash value.