Constant flux

You are my sole purpose.

You are my soul’s purpose.

Your voice echos, and my love’s threshold,

Bursts from the depths of my inner being.

You inspire me, truly.

Lovely you constantly…

There is nothing more I wish for,

Than to love you forever more.

You are special, and beautiful – I will tell you every moment I can.

It’s you and I.

Let’s take on the world, and experience the feelings that are so strong.

Let’s love long, happily, and passionately.

I think God brought you into my life, and I am focused on our future.

Let’s be present, as well.

Let’s love relentless.

Let’s speak our language, and grow in that too.

I want to understand every single detail about you.

I want to love you, with my entire heart.

I will love you with my entire heart.

I am loving you with my entire heart…