Your love will be valued.

Your love can propel me.

Temptation, I pray to God to dispel from me.

Affection and everlasting attention, I desire to be reciprocated.

Life, is in flux.

Life ever changes.

Let’s not only flow, but something you need to know – is that we need to constantly grow.

Gently grow, progressively grow.

It’s important for us, to yield to the universe.

And it is especially important that you keep your word.

Support me, and be by my side.

Love me, and cherish me.


My love is demanding.

My spirit is commanding…

Follow me, and play your role.

Your role is told, to be my girlfriend, leading to other titles.

But it is important that you cover my sorrows.

Wipe away my pain, and ease my disdain.

Soften me, when I come into you.

Prepare me, and cover my scars.

Love me from afar.

And when you are close in my proximity.

Love my entire soul, literally, and willingly.

And I will, do the same for you, my dear Emily…