I have to be wise in how I lead this love.

I need to.

I have felt death, and was on the edges of life, more than twice, multiple times.

Can you heal me, without looking at me as inferior?

Nevertheless, I am superior.

You are the woman who is nurturing, and this is your nature.

God, made two beings to support each other.

Can you balance me, as I need you.

When I am blinded by ambition, and cannot see you.

Can you reel me in, and love me again.

When I detach from my heart, can you help me restart?

Will you love me unconditionally.

Will you.

My heart beats, and thumps, and shakes, and tastes warm.

It’s love is ever so strong.

And I am never so wrong, to say I love you so soon.

Because if I didn’t, and gave in to evil, I’d be doomed.

I would then roam, as if dazed.

Further, I would be pursuing success,

Meanwhile, Love is truly what’s best…