Our adventure and love officially starts today;

And our journey begins today…

Our chapter, our first chapter together, will endure many weathers…

Ink spills, and written poetries –

Sunny days, and gloomy ones too.

I can not see what is the future or what lies ahead.

But today, marks the first page.

And so our adventure, and romance starts within this year.

Have no fears.

Hold my hand, and dream with me.

Dream I say, and walk beside me.

At times I will go in front.

And when I am weak, you may take the lead.

I will love you, and put no thing above you.

That is my promise to you.

Confidently, I say, that my heart knows what’s best.

And it tells me this, the things written above.

So take my love, and walk with me through this world.

Let’s journey.

My sweet silver linen.

My poetic inspiration, this is all too perfect, God’s timing, to meet you, this love is true…