My heart desires to be heard.

I am battling with the absurd.

Maturity is lacking in my generation.

Yet, we are the generation to change the world!

I wish to hurl these feelings to every girl, and to show her how she does not necessarily run the world.

But she is the key, to everlasting harmony.

Can you see?

Do you know the power that you possess?

I express this, as I sit and wonder, how to write this with honest and clear preciseness for the opposite gender to understand –

To level it with less intellect and more heart.

But listen, this is dire.

You are a Queen, each and every one of you.

And us men are kings, still, we can not stand under you.

We stand beside each-other, enduring nature’s harsh weathers.

But still you wish to battle, and try to overcome us.

When we should be building a brighter nation, and prosperous world.


Even futuristic.

But practical, even pragmatical.