Chapter 22

On Sundays I do not work.

No matter how much my ambition and passion tells me to go and walk the world.

Instead, my heart and mind stays at home.

I reflect.

And I express, with full clarity and openness.

I reflect for the sole reason of knowing I have the freedom to do that.

I write with cheer.

Today, is my birthday.

I am twenty two.

I feel like I am gently alive.

I feel like I am truly alive.

My mental health, 100%.

My spirit, feels 100%.

And my love, that I feel inside, it’s rejuvenating.

I am happy to be alive.

I feel free.

I feel like I can fly, but at the same time, I feel like I have unlimited power to do anything I want!

I can glide if I choose.

I can soar.

I can breathe.

I can, feel…

I am grateful.

Words can express how I feel.

I’m doing my best to write them here.

But this day, this special day, I share it with God.

And I expect, and project future Sundays to be like these as well.

They are especially sacred now.

Thank You Jesus. I love you very much.