3 Reasons Why Continuous Discomfort is A Good Thing

1. Forces You To Grow

Discomfort forces you to grow in every sense of the word. When you are placed in a situation that you have to adapt, and to figure out a creative way to overcome and persevere through an obstacle or challenge, you are then forced to utilize all of your resources, internal and external. This in turn helps you to grow in wisdom, knowledge and overall, learn lessons that will help you in future predicaments.

Your mind grows.

Your brain, scientifically and literally grows – neuroplasticity.

You are then able to function at a higher mode, when you are no longer in that scenario of discomfort. You used parts of your brain, that most people are not adept or trained to use.

Hence, giving you the advantage of being more equipped.

Discomfort also forces you to grow in confidence.

You are at the mountain peak, fighting lions and beasts.

When you ultimately outperform and defeat those metaphorical trials.

Going back down the mountain, is an easy feat.

Allows you to appreciate your newfound growth, triumph, and enhances your confidence for future discomforting experiences.

2. You Seek More Discomfort

Discomfort provides you a personal lifestyle. Ownership of your power, and mindset.

Only you know what your weakness and strengths are. Now that you know what it is like to be in discomfort, you are then invited and encouraged, intrinsically, to continue seeking discomfort. Intrinsic motivation trumps all outside motivations, because it is coming from within… Discomfort, provides you a bookmark, to say, okay, this is what I am not good at, this is where I am at skill wise, how can I get better?

Discomfort, forces you to look in the mirror, at the depths of your psyche, and not only humbles you, but propels you to overcome that discomfort, and to seek higher discomfort.

Now, I am not talking nonsensical or anything like putting your hand on fire.

That’s obvious and unnecessary pain.

I am talking about, for examples, getting up to talk in front of a class, going to the gym more often, taking cold showers, eating cleaner and more healthier, reading for longer periods of time, taking time to breathe and to step back, organizing and expressing more.

All of these things have become discomforting experiences for the mass because society has become too comfortable with being comfortable.

Facing any of which fear, allows you to get better, and then gives you the perspective of where, and how you are. You then feel obligated to become better. It humbles you, knowing that you have not even scratched the surface, or not the place you thought you were capable of.

It gives you a clear gauge.

It’s always time to get better, and sharpen your brain, and to place stress on it.

The stress that seemed difficult before, now becomes a eustress, all because of the silver star of discomfort being your ally.

3. You Can Gain A Sense of Appreciation of The Human Will

We are all a forced to be reckoned with.

This third opinion is personal to me. Truly, discomfort will show you and speak to you in ways no other way can. Discomfort is the next best thing. It is the ultimate teacher, and strengthening factor to your will. You will figure out a way out to overcome that discomfort. It may be a second, minute, day, or month, or even a year, but eventually you will overcome it.

The will.

The thing you cannot see or feel.

Some call it the spirit, or even the mind.

It’s intangible nonetheless and it is there.

When that will is strengthened – you see that from discomfort you can do more, understand more and live more.

You can then appreciate more, and live life not only smarter, wiser, and more courageously, but you then live life more wholeheartedly. Life, becomes more beautiful. And you understand that, the will, is something divine. It’s the strongest force there is. Strengthen it.