Things do not have to be so serious, I agree. So allow me to release my seriousness, and lay the bricks that are as cold as truths. I desire a love passionate as ice fire. See my soul, and hurt it, love it and burn it. With the intensity as strong as windy Chicago, because that is what I will give to you initially. And as my love simmer, like rain pouring in a hot summer. I will twist and transform my love to be sweet and succulent. Can you take the turbulent? This is the way for us to last. Because nothing is as seems… And I desire a love that is mean, fresh, and romantic. I desire a love that is candid, as the photographers that we all are… I want the intellectual and interesting internet love. I want the love that consumes us as drugs. I want the ambitious and ambiguous love. I want the love that is mysterious and dangerous. That is how I love. Match that.

And we can fire on, as two.