Your love’s standard, has given me a manual, and stepping stone into the truth of romance and love.

Your love gave me a platform to dance with dignity and power.

You gave me the truth, and passion on top of heart and sensitivity.

I am forever, and eternally in love with you.

No longer obsessed.

I let go.

But I am forever, blessed to know the love that you gave me.

Your love helped me heal, and carried me so far a distance – I stand over, and beyond, light years away from the mass.

Your love was the potion, that healed my heart, even after, and will continue to be a guiding star for my soul.

Thank you.

Your love was close to heaven.

Your love, gave me strength.

We spent time, no we spent a life together.

An infinite and splendid moment that most will not come close to.

Your love was heavenly and divine.

It was sobering when you left, but it is relishing within as I write this as a moment of not mere reflection, but appreciation.

Thank you.

I am high, and above.

I am divine and in truth, in my own right.

This piece is dedicated to you.

You know who you are, and you may or may not ever read this.

But you need to know what you have done for me.

You saved my life, you saved my mind, soul, and aching, beating, painful and prideful heart from truly destructing.

My conscious is forgiven.

I learned the art of forgiveness.

I mastered the art of sensitivity.

I believe I have.

But the truth is, I never stop mastering this gift of empathy… I cultivate it, eternally.

Just like the love that we share(d)

I am mountains high above despair.

I am gliding on my silver linen.

I am tapping on the steel wall, it has mixture of gold, potent metals and heart.

Soon, I will break the threshold, and embody it myself to build a newer and mountainous ceiling…

It is chilling…

It is.

It is no exaggeration, or playful ideas

This philosophy, beats and supersedes all others, my beloved.

Thank you for giving me the key, and potent energy to propel me, dispel from me impurities, and thank you again…

until my next reflection…

My dear distant love, and friend.