God, why do you separate us?

We are all connected.

Why are we basking in illusions, sometimes darkness, and sometimes extreme light.

Give me balance, give us balance.

How do you expect us to thrive, when we are so disconnected from life?

Why do some religions think superiority over others, and what is this elephant that we are all desiring to grasp?

Tell me at once, give me the answers, and why do you hide the truth?

Is it in plain sight, or is anything right?

Why is empathy a lost art and distant skill?

Why do people kill?

Why is poverty existing?

Why are we existing?


Why are things too easy for some, and why are challenges overwhelmingly difficult for others?

Why do some lack mother’s, fathers, guidance and care?

If you care, why do you not strike this planet with your power?

Why are some desperate for power, and what is power, if you hold all of the power?

God you worry me.

God I need you to cure my curiosity.

Please. My desperate quest for answers, I need.