I am no longer lost, I am on my way.

I fashion my life, and I mold it like clay.

I am no longer hurting, I am trying to repair.

I follow my own rhythm, like drums and snares.

I am watchful of snakes, and falling victim to snares.

And the people that enter my life, I love them with all that I can give.

Love in the sense of respect, not honor, I save that for my soul’s mate.

Love in the sense of friendship, not companionship.

I love this way because I know what is abandonment.

Love in all sorts of ways, but never in the truest sense, because my soul is reserved for the one.

In some ways my life has not begun.

In some ways my life has only begun.

If you are in it, thank you.

I promise to love you. And to be here the best way that I can, even if you do not ask.

I made it my principle to love as long as it lasts.