Great professor

I am sorry for my comment.

I didn’t mean to make such a remark, I mean I did, but I still have a high respect for you.

It’s just sometimes, directions told by you, are too brief, never explaining in entirety.

And life is in flux, I see no need for propriety.

So I speak my heart, always maintaining my feelings…

Because we can all grow and perform optimally.

I write this optimistically.

And rhythmically, more-so spiritually, and as a way to cope to not let my perceived wrong get the best of me.

I have a high honor and respect, for not only you as a professor, but also for myself.

I look forward to this semester, growing emotionally and intellectually.

Not letting my perceived imperfections get the best of me.

I want the best of me.

Thank you for taking a liken for me.

I am sincere and focused, to grow to heights untold.

I write on this site, to document and to watch it all unfold.

No one is perfect, but I am focused on excellence and well rounded-ness.

I am going to become better.

A better scholar, citizen, athlete, individual, man,

Extending to all of the facets, that makes me a part of God’s plan…