Love’s spectrum

Love is a spectrum.

Like time is limitless in seconds, to minutes, to years and centuries…

Love is infinite, love is not cynical.

Love is not even a pinnacle.

Love is a art, love is forgiving.

Love is still digging to the core of each soul.

Love is not cold, it is not told, it is, rather felt.

Sometimes spoken, sometimes broken, nevertheless – still stands.

It runs its vibrations’ through every man, woman, and life form.

Love tears, tears, and reforms.

Love is nurturing, love hurts.

Love is crazy, but love works.

Love cures, heals, spills and seeps.

Love is destined to win, and breathes through subtlety, and spirits through longevity.

Love is wisdom, love is forgiveness.

Love is prosperous, and relentlessly rich.

Love is playful, friendly, and old.

Love is written bold, with exclamation.

Love is stronger than temptation.

Love sweeps through, and saves those in horror.

When love is no longer, love waits, and waits patiently.

To then burst, healing those hurts.

Love is graceful, love is faithful, love is mistakes and works in the day.

Love exercises in the night, to defeat the devil at night.

Love is divine, powerful and perfect.

Love is, wonderful and awesome.

Love is blessed.

Love is, not fully defined. I can’t explain it to a T.

But I presume to fully understand it, is to grow in empathy.