Meditations 3

Every morning, I perform 500 Push-ups.

This is not a mere exercise. It is a symbolic movement and event. I picked it up when I was 16.

Push-ups, is a form of gauging and preparing my soul for the day.

It is a way to get in tune with my soul.

It is a way to strengthen my soul, and to push my soul to it’s limits.

It is an act of strengthening my will-power.

Do I want to do push-ups?

Part of me, says no. The majority of myself says, Yes.

I want the whole.

That in turn will transfer to other areas, of my life.

Do I want to study? In wholeness, yes.

Do I want to strengthen my mind by reading books and expressing myself? In wholeness, yes.

Do I want to be kind, and respectful to every human being? In wholeness, yes.

Do I want to give my best effort and focus in every productive thing that I do?

In wholeness, yes.

Excellence is a habit. It is not an act.

Excellence, is a quality that must be maintained and kept in shape.

When I slow down in excellence, in my perception, I start to die.

I want to avoid that.

I want to avoid, letting my ego take over.

I wish to live a life from my soul, instead of the thing that perceives things incorrectly.

Just like everything in my life –

I wish to use things strategically, and with intellect.

Unlike others, I want to use activities, things, and material wisely.

I wish to use my ego strategically, and  in a constructive way.

I wish to fashion it sharply, and to be able to overcome temptations, ills, and evils.

This is the greatest and simplest pleasure, to be able to have mastery over myself.

I am then, in turn, able to prevent injuries, self-inflicted and external from happening to me.

And whatever nature hands me, is especially handcrafted to the strength of my soul.

I believe the 400M is that challenge, I was born for this. And I am preparing to get back into what I do, and to be the best…