Time capsule

In the future, I want to have a home of my own. I’d like to be paired with an educated woman, whom, we both share a fondness and love for each other. I’d like to build a family one day. One day, I don’t want to wake up besides the woman of my dreams, but the woman who supports my dreams. One day, I want to have children, and especially, a junior. I’d name him. I would name him, after me. Myself in a reborn state. Smarter, sharper, more handsome. More loving, and kinder than myself. One day, I want him to do something better than me, and dream even higher than I could ever dream. I would want him to believe in himself, and love himself more than I ever loved myself. I want to teach him how to properly love a woman, dress him modestly, and teach him tactics and skills, that makes him the greatest man I never thought possible. I want to be there for him in the way, my father was not. I want to be there for his first day of school.

I want to help him with his homework and difficult situations. And, as he grows older, I want to keep putting the idea that he can do anything his imagination thinks of. If he wants to be a president or professional sky diver, he can do that. If he wants to play sports and go professional, you can do that son. I’ll always support you. I will root for him. I will not merely compliment him, but I will reinforce it to the point, that he believes that he is Superman.

But as I dream and imagine this, I draw back to the present and realize that I have a mountainous journey ahead of me.

I am afraid.

I am strong, and am getting stronger.

Each day, I will prepare for the day that happens.

And until then I chase my dreams.

I wish to be the ultimate role model.

And as this acts as a time capsule, son, I love you. I’m doing everything that I can, to make sure your future is set. Long before you are fully conceptualized.

I love you son.

With each piece, I will plan your future and document everything.

With each piece, they will become longer, more detailed and focused.

I’m rebuilding my mindset.

I’ve been through a lot son.

I’ve been through things, that I hope to tell you some day. But first, I must overcome this thing I am battling with.

I’m strong though son.

I look forward to the day.