I am disputing fate, and I take control temporarily.

I plead, with faith:

God if you wish the best for me, and wish for me to prosper.

Give me the honor, and allowance of atonement.

Allow me to live my second chance, with minimal opportunities of evil and bad luck to advance.

Pleading with karma, playing my wisdom and intelligence cunningly –

Dispelling my truths of written wrongs, and creating new harmonies; I do so, creating a more potent philosophical perspective.

I am, harshly selective.

I give ample room for any to join my journey.

But less room, for temptation to roam.

I cut off, or distance any who seem parasitic.

My soul, is too exclusive, too exquisite, for any one to deposit, the judgements and less refined sentences to rummage through my psyche.

And I obviously am committed, to excellence and redemption.

So Holy Father, I plead and I beg, to wipe away any and all negative karma.

Cleanse my soul, and grab firm hold of it.

Give me a clearer chance and cleaner winnings.

Help me overcome myself, and this life of sin.

Together we both can win!

But if you make me fall, before I even got a chance to get up fully to live up to my promise of becoming purity.

Then surely, we have both failed, at our promises made.

Each day, my Heavenly Father, I desperately and fearfully need to be saved…