Meditations 5

Every morning, after my initial activities, I wash away my impurities.

I am immersed in a cold shower.

I cold shower, at minimum, for two minutes… extending to longer amounts of times.

In my cold shower, my mind becomes frenzied. It then adapts, and finally, discomfort becomes comfort.

Every morning, as long as I have a working and functional shower head – I am immersed in a cold water shower, my imaginary cold water spring.

Scientifically, this produces brown fat. But I am not here to fancy or entertain intellectuality.

Instead, this exercise is a spiritual exercise.

I am under cold distress, building on top of the discipline I carry and strengthened will power.

Every. single. morning… I am in this cold shower… I thank God.

I thank him with my soul and mind, heart and brain.

I am thankful, to be alive.

Every morning when under this cold distress, thoughts run and tell me to leave, but it is not necessary.

That is weakness and a weaker part of me, I wish to dispel that side, because that side is sinful, vengeful, critical, deceitful, flesh-like, and poisonous.

My soul, speaks and takes over, continues to speak in a divine manner, and wishes for blessings and understanding.

My soul asks for forgiveness.

I hope that God grants mercy.

My fear becomes bigger than my discomfort.

My fear of the Lord, is ever so strong with each drop of coldness.

I will take the pain and discomfort for some short amount of time, to further my appreciation and dispel my anxiety.

This is only temporary, and my father died indefinitely for me.

How much weaker must I be?

Become Christ like, I tell myself.

If he died for me, the least I can do is to dedicate and sacrifice these temporary discomforts, to become a better man.

Everyday, this cold shower symbolizes more to me than I can possibly write and express.

Every… single… day…

Cold showers, is my tool and choice of worship and right sacrifice.

Thank you Heavenly Father, May you continue to strengthen my resolve.