Hazel eyes, they change colors without your awareness

& As for fairness, I lose trace of my flowing thoughts and become willingly lost in my heart. I rather not latch onto them. Silence is more important.

This spark brightens, dims some, relights, and is cyclical in nature.

You are bubbling, erupting, becoming softer and I am delightful that you finally yield…

I live each day as if it is my last, and I am submitting myself with excitement to be in your vicinity.

If I said that you inspire my poetry, it was because I spoke too soon.

Like a volcanos eruption, you simply sparked my potency.

Your eyes, I wish to dive into, stating to you my truths…

The words I wished to express, kinesthetically, linguistically, and intellectually, earlier this day… found its ability to be transparent more efficiently, it found its space and outlet through written words.

Because your beauty and nature is enough to spark potent – honest – curiosity.

But with insufficient time to appreciate each and every significant quality, value, and characteristic that you readily expressed – I am prompted to extend a short story into a more defined love story, if you willingly take my hand.

I was solely inspired in the sense, to express my eagerness to feel what it was you were truly telling me.

You know yourself…

But on my behalf, with information that I now possess, it demands no fully formed comments, yet, I am only scratching the surface with valuable insight.

I am not insecure in the literal and exact sense.

I am vulnerable.

I am simply vulnerable in this moment in my life.

I’ve been here before, but am hoping and striving for more.