Mind is broken and shattered.

No longer here, but sleeping on Saturn.

None can fathom, the thoughts I harbor.

The memories that drain me.

And the trauma that stains me.

I want to confide to you.

I need you, you are one in a million.

And my brain is one in a million.

Both different and special in peculiar ways.

And I was searching for days, and months.

I speak in subtlety, you speak directly.

My heart understood you, but my brain resents me.

Too bright and too structured too.

My life has been punctured too.

Harshly, and violently since a young age.

But I found silver linens in creative ways.

Helped me escape perceived, eternal hell.

In some ways, you released that spell.

No longer trapped in my mind.

But Now I search for time, to see you in a renewed version, to feel more of your treasure.

Your soul, I want to hold.

My soul, I want you to know…