Your presence was beautiful.

I believe some things can be overwhelming because I feel everything.

Emotional synesthesia, your vibrations ground me into the world –

Like heavy rain, down pouring on another soul that has been broken in two.

Small seeds of roses;

I felt love when we were closest.

I am an open book too, but far different from you!

I wished to open up to you,

I wish to open up to you with

flow in your conversation, but you ask in such a structured manner…

Always reverting back to you.

But as unusual as we both are, we are far from the romantic love.

Friendship is just as beautiful, why should we leap into the darkness and void.

When we can dance, as girl and boy.

Plus it would not be fair, that only you got to share…

When I never got a chance to express my pain and hurts.

These thoughts that lurk, dark memories as dark as muck, we can occasionally flirt, but what is more potent is the human connection, healing our human condition.

I’ve been in search, for a thing like this.

Doesn’t have to be romance, just simple resonance.

Why do we label all things, some things are simply feelings based.

It is like all hearts are encased, our human hearts are truly begging to be released.

The heart is too rich, too strong, for us to just willingly allow it to decease.

I am dying, but fighting to live once more.

There are things that are at my core, and I just want to release them to the right person. The right person who can respond in an intelligent manner, only you are capable.

The person of my caliber, mentally speaking.

It allows for my spirituality to be immensely deepened.

And this is not your obligation, I am not your responsibility.

But I have been hurt too, all my life trying to fight for peace and happiness.

So much distraught and pain, and it’s insane, the things I’ve overcome.