Missing you

Ah, my original sweet love.

You are my eternal and imaginary sensation.

Since you in fact read my poetries, in relation to love – I will dedicate my wishful lovely thoughts in dedication to you, as an abstraction and release.

I won’t allow those memories to fade indefinitely.

Instead, I will wait patiently, while working voraciously on my coursework here at Bloomsburg.

I am prideful in you, and the things you told me. Your love is true, and that grants me a clue.

To keep my faith in you, and us.

I am so very sorry, for ever appearing condescending.


You are a beautiful blessing, being there for me when I was stressing.

I can always appreciate that moment, and our night together.

And they say love is patient, well, I am striving to be an embodiment.

I will be patient, until you are ready.

I love you…

I look forward to going steady. 🥀