Suicidal thoughts.

I thought that I was officially out, of the despair.

But now, once again, I am down and out.

And emotions are priceless, you can never buy someone happiness, at least not for me.

What makes me truly happy, is a connection, and as for material possessions, it gives me pleasure, yes.

But human emotions and empathy is what truly make me happy.

But as of late, I lack that.

And I wish to fall into a black trap, and never get out.

Maybe my emotions, and feelings will finally give out – no longer controlling me or putting unnecessary strain.

Suicidal thoughts.

What is worse?

Temporary rain or indefinite pain?

It seems like common sense, pretty much a no brainer.

But here is the danger, my heart feels all that is wrong and I rather not be here, until some love makes it way…

This too shall pass.

I remind myself again, this too, shall pass.