Trying not to resort to spending money, and things that do not matter. I think expression matters most, ultimately, giving me clarity in my alone and sad state. I am alone. I have a community, I have few friends, and I have family. But that isn’t enough for me, I want a woman to call my own, or rather to share time with. I rather be in a love state, than this alone state. I want to drink coffee and talk to her. I want to walk with her while she holds my hand, palm to palm. I want to look into her eyes, and see a history of pain, tears, happiness, joy. The delicate fossil. I want to hold her… Especially this, I want to be held too. I want to die in her arms. I want my strength to fade, subtlety away. I want to lean on her, cry on her, sigh on her, kiss on her, speak and express my feelings and ideas, and to come into her… And as we break apart, we kiss and part. Coming back and doing so in various ways, most days until we are hard to fade away… But the nature of romance is this ideal, to be in each other’s space, and loving each other whole. Nature is ever so simple.