I am an official activist for empathy and promoter of life.

Let’s love a little. We can run in the rain, no umbrella or covering. Withdrawal from fear of thundering, judging or mutterings.

Let’s live a little, kiss and make out; runaway down south – make our way to up north, your skin against mine. Let’s die a little, cry about life, and smile about what’s nice.

Let’s scream a little, across the rooftop, making neighbors yell at us to stop. Let’s learn a little, share insights and beliefs.

Inhaling air til we sleep.

Let’s dream a little, seek and find.

Let’s, explore, each other’s mind – disregarding all things for a while.

And if we find solution to our problems, let’s stay a little, time could just stop.

But I’ll be happy with you, I’ll be happier here.